April 1, 2011 through April 29, 2011

Phone: 609-641-0663,  x105


Absecon will be again divided into five zones.

Collection will begin in Zone 1 and continue through Zones 2, 3, 4, and 5. Once each zone has been cleaned, the cycle will begin again and continue through April 29, 2011. We cannot predict when we will be in your zone, or how much time will be needed in each zone: bulk and weather issues will have an effect on how quickly we are able to move through the area.

As a reminder, we will not be able to remove curbside leaves if any of these conditions are found:

 leaves must be in the curb in neat piles, leaves in bags or containers cannot be picked up by this equipment.

 no grass, branches, stones, bricks, or other debris in with the leaves

 no leaves placed between parked vehicles; the equipment cannot remove the leaves.

 blocking leaves with trash receptacles; these containers should be placed on the curb.

Thank you for your cooperation in removing the leaves from our streets.
If you have questions, please call 641-0663, ext.105.